Here, you’ll discover the small, dazzling rock-star companies on the NZX. Yes, these stocks carry higher risk, but the potential rewards can be huge. Any one of them could be the next Xero or a2 Milk.


Small-Cap Speculator

When Xero first appeared on the NZX in 2007, it was a tiny company that few Kiwis had even heard of. But what happened next is the stuff of legend — Xero skyrocketed, smashing through the ceiling, becoming a success story. Now you’re wondering, ‘Will that tech surge happen again? Another Xero?’ That’s what Small-Cap Speculator aims to do: peel back the layers and show you the most promising stocks that the mainstream is ignoring. Breakthrough stocks with the potential to double, triple, or even quadruple in value when the time is right.

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